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PM2.5 Anti Dust Activated Carbon Filter Mask For Adult 3D Butterflies

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Product Details:
Material: high quality cotton
Applicable Gender: Neutral (male/female)
Free Size: 22cm * 14cm
Function: against PM2.5,anti-fog and haze,industrial anti-pollution,anti-vehicle exhaust,dust, smoke,pollen allergy, Cold keep warm,etc

1. plastic nose piece, effectively increases the breathing space of the nose, so that breathing more comfortable and smooth; adjustable nose piece according to each person different nose shape to get fit with the face.
2. the adjustable size of the elastic buckle, so that more comfortable to wear.
3. the next along the intimate U-shaped design, increase the mouth and jaw comfort and sealing, does not affect the communication
4. insert the 5 layer PM2.5 filter
5. fine denier polypropylene fabric, with soft, warm, good moisture permeability and wicking effect, so that exhaled gas is the outer layer of cotton adsorption, the face to keep dry, comfortable, lasting effect.

1. plug-in filter can not be cleaned, the proposed replacement of a week
2. the filter oil on the film or with sticky sediment stains are more, please replace the filter
3. the air does not flow, poor breathing or sleep, the prohibition of the use
4. children under the age of two prohibited the use of

Cleaning method:
1. plug-in filter can not be cleaned, once a week to replace the proposed.
2. the proposed neutral detergent with water diluted, the filter will remove the mask into the water, hand gently rub, dry in the airy shade.
3. do not long soak in the washing liquid or water, to avoid the use of bleach.
4. please arrange the cleaning cycle according to the use of the general recommendations 1-2 week cleaning time.


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